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Dean, Faculty, Staff, and Student Consultations

JHSAP provides an invaluable service to deans, faculty, and staff who are concerned or are unsure about how to effectively work with a student. In a collaborative approach, the JHSAP clinician and the dean, faculty member, or staff member will problem-solve the most efficient way to handle the concern or situation. This includes risk assessments for students that may be in danger of harming themselves, others,  or the institution.

If you are concerned that a personal problem is impacting a student’s behavior or progress, call JHSAP at 443-287-7000 for input on how to best address the situation; JHSAP can guide you in directing the student toward help. JHSAP consultations are confidential and offer a professional, objective viewpoint. In this process JHSAP will:

  • Assist in identifying behavior and/or performance decline.
  • Consult about behavior that may indicate a personal problem.
  • Listen objectively to your concerns and reactions to the problem.
  • Advise on how to approach the situation and what action to take.
  • Provide support and guidance for your conversation with the student addressing the behavior or decline.
  • Help you keep an objective focus on the situation.
  • Remind you how to combine a discussion of declining progress with the offer of personal, confidential assistance through JHSAP.

What is the Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program?

JHSAP is a life management resource that helps students to identify and manage challenging issues in healthy ways. JHSAP utilizes a short-term counseling model to work with students to address any personal challenges while maintaining academic success.

JHSAP services are free, confidential, and there is no limit to the number of times a student may access services during his or her academic career. The spouse, partner, or child of eligible students may also access JHSAP services. If longer-term assistance is needed, students may be referred to outside resources for additional support; this can be through a particular health plan or community resource. Outside resources may charge fees for their services.

Which students are eligible for JHSAP services?

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In case of an emergency, call 911.