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Short-Term Counseling

JHSAP is committed to assisting you through the challenges of your academic career. We offer identification and assessment of personal, family, and school/work-related issues, counseling and consultation, and referrals to appropriate and accessible services and resources.

Assessment of your current concerns

The first session with a JHSAP counselor is an opportunity for you to openly discuss you concerns. When the counselor feels he or she has a good understanding of you and your situation, the counselor will share his or her thoughts about what might be causing your concerns, and what can be done to resolve them.

Individualized counseling

For situations or concerns that can be adequately addressed with a JHSAP counselor, arrangements can be made for supportive and/or education sessions.

Referral to appropriate and accessible community services and resources

After discussing your concerns, it may be recommended that you receive additional counseling or treatment from another clinician or treatment service. JHSAP maintains a high-quality referral network, and can facilitate referrals to psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, substance abuse counselors, support groups, and various treatment programs. In the process of making a referral, the JHSAP counselor may continue to meet with you until you are connected with the new clinician or treatment program. While you are not charged for JHSAP services, referral providers will impose charges that may or may not be covered by your health insurance.

Consultation that supports academic and/or professional development

Students often seek JHSAP assistance with concerns about academic performance and productivity. In response, we’ve developed expertise in the area of study skills enhancement and time management. Other areas of focus include preparing for oral examinations, thesis and dissertation progress, and preparing for a thesis or dissertation defense. We do not arrange for academic tutoring services.


All JHSAP sessions, except as required by law, are confidential. No one will know you are using JHSAP services unless you personally share this information with others, or sign a release of information requesting that the program share information with another party on your behalf. JHSAP carefully follows state and federal guidelines pertaining to confidentiality. The JHSAP clinician will review the JHSAP confidentiality policy with you at the beginning of your first session, including the limits to confidentiality. Limits to confidentiality are legally mandated requirements whereby, if we become aware that you are in danger of harming yourself, others, or the institution, a duty to warn and/or protect may be applicable.

All records are maintained and managed by JHSAP; clinical records are NOT part of your academic file. All clinical documentation is maintained separately from EPR and EPIC medical records.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

  • Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your first appointment. New client paperwork regarding confidentiality and privacy policies, demographic information, and identifying concern(s)/ the reason for your visit should be completed online prior to the appointment. The link for paperwork is provided in your appointment confirmation email. 
  • Next, you will meet with your individual counselor to talk about your current concerns.
  • The counselor will gather additional information to help provide a context for the current issues.
  • You and your counselor will make a plan with next steps to move forward.
  • The first appointment typically takes 90 minutes.
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